пятница, 1 апреля 2016 г.

AnnMarie skin care review 🌾🌿❤️

When it comes to skincare, im so sentimental about it. I actually never use drugstore products, because it has so many chemicals in it, which are not that good for your skin. You see, what you put on your skin, goes straight to your blood system, there for we want everything to be organic, healthy both to your skin and your blood system.
I recenly become so obsessed with organic skin care products, that been binge-using them. As soon as i got my hands on products from http://www.annmariegianni.com/samplekit/ i fell in love with them! The smell, the texture, everything makes me love it, but the most important thing is that my skin is now glowing inside and out! 
So, when you go to their website you can order a sample kit which has every product in it.
coconut body oil is to die for! the smell makes me wanna drink it, but most importanly it made me glow inside and out! :)
Aloe Vera cleanser is everything for your skin! i've made a research that it helps not only with hydrating, but also with acne! Yes, get hydrated, baby! :)
well, i have been using their products for a week or so, and can tell that it is quite great for your skin! So, if you want their sample kit you can get it right here:

суббота, 9 января 2016 г.

Instagram feed & photo editing

I always get questions about my feed/photo editing software on my instagram and where i get inspiration. Thats why in this post i will try to answer to the  all possible questions about it.

First things first: where do i get inspiration?
We all have been there, darling! Those breakout days when you just dont have any idea where your feed goes and what to do with it. What i usually do is going on tumblr!
Tumblr is just a big network of INSPIRATION!

When it comes to pictures, try to pay attention to the quality of pictures.
Its all about LIGHTING. The light will help you to bring out details in your photo. Bad lighting may cause grainy or blurry picture. When taking picture always search for a window for natural day light or for better results go outside, play a bit with lighting :)

Edit your photos.

People always ask what i use for editing, so its deffinitely not instagram or Retrica filters which a lot of people use and its not that right thing to do if you want to achieve that Tumblr/grunge/minimalistic look.
Best known softwares for editing and what i usually use are VSCO CAM and AFTERLIGHT.
Lately i stick to afterlight which has tons of filters and those "tumblrish" light leaks.

VSCO CAM is also a great app which a lot of bloggers use. It is also known for its HB1/HB2 filters which are totally the best for instagram feed.

четверг, 20 августа 2015 г.

THEPEACHBOX purchase & how to style jewelry

I don't usually do online shopping, but when i do its gotta be something worthy, so my recent purchase was from thepeachbox
i was iger to find something bold and minimalistic, yet very glamorous and fashionable so i got a necklace and a bracelete 
i dont stick to fashion rules, i love to break them and create my own style which will mostly stand out from others, so i pair it with sporty edgy style as for example plain black shirt & sneackers
the quality is really great, its like a very expensive brand so you can even style it with a long dress for events or just a black shirt
make sure to check out my instagram @sellyyunus for more pic updates,
xx Selly 

четверг, 7 мая 2015 г.

daily routine, outfit & food favourites.

so as i have been going out a lot lately, i decided to created a post about where i go & what i like to order/wear etc. 

last time when i went out with my lovely friend, weather was just fine, we were walking so much, that i couldn't possibly walk & that's the thing i like the most.

we started our little walk-trip across the city with this refreshing drink which were just so delicious and chilly :p

and of course we had sushi 
we sat outside enjoying the sunrays and just being happy

and what about my outfit, most of all i walk a lot, so its important to keep it comfortable,simple & classy ;)

me just being me 

them we decided to go to the restaurant, which has a nice terrace on the roof, i will never forget those moments, when it was a little chilly & we got blankets to warm ourselves up, it was really cozy and peaceful just sitting there like that :)

we got cheesecake because why not? :p

and this is the roof view, we got a chance to enjoy the sunset 

few pics from boulevard

среда, 1 апреля 2015 г.

how to survive boredom!

so today i decided to make a post about what to do when you are actually bored as i figured that i havent been posting since forever :p

i always get bored, at home, at school, wherever i am.

i hope this post will help you out a bit :)

1) first thing you can do is to write down a list of ideas what you can do or want to do, when you were busy & couldn't do that, because personally for me, i get ideas what to do when i am actually busy, then easily forget them..

2) go outside, yes pretty basic i know, but sometimes all you need is fresh air, i always go outside because its a way to take some good shots for instagram, well you know instagram is a big part of our life ;)

3) visit the nearest coffee shop

swear to god, i spend my whole life in coffee shops, like 99% of my life :D

you just sit there & relax, drink your coffee and of course use their wifi ;)

4) go out with your friends for a picnick

for me its a perfect way to spend my time as i love spending time with my best friends and just talk with them.

5) prank call your friends! :D

another funny way to spend your free time

6) also you can call your friends, invite them over & play truth or dare, which im planning to do this week, its going to be fun, i promise! :D

7) if you are alone at home, turn off the lights and turn on a horror movie, thought its a bit creepy, but its also so fun! 
once i did it, had so much fun! :D

that was it, hope it helped you out  somehow :)

среда, 20 августа 2014 г.

holidays in Russia

every august our family has something like a tradition which is spending 2 weeks in Russia. The place is called Essentuki, amd this place is so peaceful and magical that no photos can describe the beauty of it. While we stay there, we also visit Patigorsk and Kislovodsk, those are my top fav cities, i feel so calm there.
I took so many pictures there and decided to post some of them here to share with you guys my summer moments :) 

This picture i took on my first day there
i was walking a lot, and found this haunted house and of course couldn't  pass by without a photo 
and other beautiful places

this is a park where we usually walk every day 

and of course the central library

and a monument of demon whose eyes glow in the dark

most of this places i have visited many times before, but i can never get enough because all of this places have something 
special. Hope you liked thanks for reading my long posts (: 

much love <3 xx